29.03.2017 Nicolas Sorrel, founder and artistic director of Music Work

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Tell us about Music Work in a few words.

Music Work is a sound marketing and consulting agency founded over 10 years ago. We help brands use music as a tool for marketing and strategic communication. We specialise in the creation of customised musical programs for boutique and hotel chains. We call these musical programs the brands' musical identity.

Can you briefly describe how you work?

To create a brand's musical identity, we start by analysing its DNA, values, and objectives in order to translate them into music. This step, handled by our artistic directors, lets us establish a "Musical trends book" for the brand and set up its very first playlist. Next, we use our professional software applications to broadcast it throughout our client's entire network. Finally, we stay in regular contact with our clients and each month we update the playlists used in the boutiques. We're proud that every day we're responsible for the musical identity in over 5,000 points of sale around the world for over 40 prestigious clients.

How far can the music/retail relationship actually go?

We want to make the best use of the musical programs we create for brands. Our broadcast application software can, of course, adapt tempos to different times of day and to the boutique's daily cycle; we can insert messages, manage boutiques individually, play events-related playlists, etc. We also give boutique employees a chance to give their opinions on the playlist. They can like (or dislike) each song using two buttons on the application. We gather information from all the boutiques in the same network and adjust the playlist if necessary. In fact, we think that today music is a fantastic digital resource to supply social networks and provide brand content for our clients.

What's the role of artistic direction at Music Work?

Artistic direction is the centre of our profession, our expertise in musical trends means we give our clients the best advice. The truth is we spend a lot of time looking for music everywhere using all the channels we can access, such as print and digital media, blogs, social networks, etc. Our job is, above all, to create custom play lists that are a perfect fit for the brands that contact our agency. Our play lists are expanded daily with new tunes and older ones if they're appropriate.

Do your clients pay SACEM (a copyright management association) if they use your services?

Yes, if a boutique plays the radio, CDs, or calls Music Work to supply music for its point of sales, it must may the SACEM fees. Some sound design agencies have published non-SACEM catalogues. We haven't done that on purpose; it's inconceivable to us to create a musical program without using SACEM songs.

Meet us at our booth at the TRAFFIC trade show and at the exhibitors soirée, where we'll be proud to provide the music.


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