14.03.2017 Michael Jaïs, CEO, Launchmetrics

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The Launchmetrics CEO helps brands optimize collection launches by initiating and formalizing conversations with influencers and internaut communities. Here's how.

You help businesses with their big launches. Have the fashion calendar shake-up and the famous "see now, buy now" trend imposed another way of working?

This new way of consuming forces the big brands to completely transform their working methods. Right now, most of them still present collections that are sold six months later and this time lapse is valuable to them for two reasons. It gives them a chance to rework certain details or silhouettes. And it also lets consumers gradually get used to a collection through the internet and influencers who play a very important educational role. This is especially true for the most radical collections that need time to be accepted. With the arrival of "see now, buy now", this delay period is disappearing, forcing brands to reinvent their approach.

Given this context, what are the strategies that can optimize a launch?

We now advise brands to act ahead of time by working with influencers as early as the design stage. Thanks to digital technology, which makes discussions happen more quickly, this is now possible. We created a GPS Radar to help brands by giving them the possibility of reaching a community of 50,000 fashion professionals and showing their products at every stage of the creative process. This way influencers can interact with a brand and their own community. This method is common in the United States and is starting to have a following in Europe where houses are discovering its advantages – it lets them take back control of their calendar. Brands are then free from the tyranny of fashion shows and can introduce their products when the products are ready.

You've invested in very different fields. Are the rules of the game still the same?

We're in fashion as well as the jewellery, watch making, and beauty sectors. And we've observed that this strategy is efficient no matter what type of activity. Today we're seeing a collapse of mid-range brands and increased strength in two arenas – low cost, which uses price discount opportunities, and upmarket, which now has a creative inspiration aura and presents the buying act as an experience. For that to work, houses must strengthen their legitimacy and that happens through influencers. This is also true for brands like Nespresso, Apple, and the entire luxury goods sector.

What are you going to present at the Traffic trade show?

A new service we're making available in a mobile version, GPS Samples manages the flow of a brand's prototypes.


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