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Laura Do and Bastien Laurent are not just the founders of the AVOC fashion brand, they're also artistic directors for interior design, set design, and scenography projects. And they just completed the graphic identity for the TRAFFIC trade show's 2nd edition.

You created the trade show's visual identity. How did you come up with the idea and what message did you want to communicate?

We wanted to get right to the point when we created the images. From the beginning, we wanted to express two ideas: fashion, of course, but also relationships between people. We wanted to reference the multiple connections between the people who are the core of today's fashion system. To do that, we imagined a very simple setting with bands of red construction paper that twist together as a symbol of this dynamic of new contacts and interactions. It's a context we're very familiar with since we're an interior design and scenography agency as well as a fashion brand.

Overall, how do you see the fashion world?

The fashion word is undergoing a radical transformation. The effects of digital technology have taken some time to become concrete, but now they're real and the fashion industry will continue to experience major changes for quite some time. This January, our brand Avoc will be in fashion shows, but does that make sense today? Our clothes won't be in stores until six months later and that creates increasing frustration with consumers who, through social media, already know all about the collections. And most importantly, fast fashion brands copy designers' work at will; they put our ideas and cuts in their shops just a few weeks after those famous fashion shows. Today we need to rethink everything – the creative process, distribution channels, everything.

Given this context, what do you think are the advantages of a trade show like TRAFFIC?

There are several advantages. Fashion is a world where intense individualism is the rule, and sometimes with a lot of ego. But it's also a sector where people have an immense need to talk and come together. TRAFFIC lets that happen and also presents very concrete and very valuable content.

At the show, different professionals can share their experiences and also increase their knowledge about really precise subjects like international development or new management tools. TRAFFIC successfully brings all these elements together and, by doing so, creates a unique platform.


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