03.04.2017 Guillaume Mikowski Co-founder of Brainsonic

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Brainsonic is built on the American blended agency model which unites several expertise. Guillaume Mikowski shares details on these new ways of thinking about communication and the resulting benefits for brands.

What specifically does your agency do?

Brainsonic is a digital communication agency that brings together 120 professionals representing a vast context; we provide editorial content, corporate services, and events management. Our mission is very precise: put brands in closer touch with their audiences by setting up systems with concrete results that bring clients to their boutiques or websites. To do that, we reach out to all audiences, B2B, B2C, brand collaborators, and others. We're part of the new generation of blended agencies that combines sociologists, consulting bureaus, etc. to give clients carefully thought out communication based on a larger spectrum of expertise.

What concrete benefits do you offer brands?

Above all, we offer them increased social influence, especially by using the brand advocacy system which transforms audiences into brand ambassadors. The starting point is the observation that people who share content on social networks produce more visibility than media plans. A brand that publishes news on Facebook can touch 1 percent of its audience or 30 percent if it has a Facebook partnership. The rate can go up to 70 percent when individuals publish, since a personal message generates credibility and trust that the brand can't create. So we work to affiliate advocates who will spread our messages. They are influencers and ordinary people, but employees also prove to be very efficient ambassadors.

You also work to make sharing content easier.

In fact, we work to take advantage of all information. We digitalise the fashion shows and different events a brand presents. We also try to provide a maximum of context for content with a SMART marketing approach. To do that, we create ultra-personal campaigns with interactive real time videos, and that changes everything. A representative in a video tells you it's raining today and you're right to spend your time shopping. He mentions exactly what you just bought and gives you advice on using the product. We created that for 7,500 different scenarios! We transform traditional general public campaigns into unique, personalised, one-to-one experiences – but with the possibility of influencing a million people, just like the traditional version!

What are you going to present at the TRAFFIC trade show?

We're going to present these methods that let brands connect with an audience through new experiences: from interactive, personalised videos in real time, to holograms, to establishing brand advocates.


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