28.02.2017 Frédéric Maus, Business development & marketplace director, La Redoute

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Business development & marketplace director of La Redoute, Frédéric Maus shares with us the functions and advantages of the market place set up, and which is experiencing non-stop success.

You created La Redoute's market place. Would you explain the concept?

Faced with intense competition from the growth of internet sales, beginning in 2010 La Redoute decided to revamp with the creation of a market place which has enjoyed tremendous success. What that means concretely is that we continue to present our own collections and selected products, but we also work with over 700 partner fashion brands by featuring them, via our internet site, in the equivalent of department store corners. This gives them the opportunity to fully express themselves by presenting a selection of products they deem the most pertinent.

What was the reaction of your clients?

They were very satisfied, since they found everything they were looking for on the platform.

On the one hand, on the same site there's a concentration of their favourite brands with an ideal choice of products. On the other hand, the expertise and professionalism of a business like La Redoute guarantee perfect service and especially secure payments.

What was the reaction of your partner brands?

The participating brands are entirely enthusiastic about this initiative, since it lets them increase their sales volume considerably. But this market place offers much more than a simple online sales platform. We work together with the brands, we serve as a consultant for them, we help them to optimise the sales experience and, more generally, to expand, especially internationally.

How are you going to participate in the trade show?

By presenting the market place concept and its multiple benefits for brand growth.


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