28.03.2017 Camille Cantin, success manager at Ulule

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Tell us about your platform.

Ulule began a little over six years ago and is modelled on the Kickstarter platform, which is very successful in the United States. Our mission is to give individuals and business managers ways to solicit a community to support their projects. Ulule is a tool that collects funds by working with three financing circles: family and close friends, the existing community, and a community of strangers. This third circle is obviously the most challenging and strategic; we help our project initiators to develop it by working with them on different stages of communication. We give them a dedicated page that lets them collect funds with a set objective. For example, for a first apparel collection the objective is fixed at €10,000. If it's not reached, contributors are reimbursed. But project initiators usually reach their goals since Ulule is a powerful platform with multiple themes, giving our partners the benefit of synergy between different sectors.

What advantages does the system bring to the particular world of fashion?

Crowdfunding has proven to be especially effective for fashion brands, since they can diversify financing sources and access funds before launching a new collection. But the system also lets them conduct real-life tests by asking their community to validate a collection's quality. It's a kind of label that functions like a very important confirmation for further increasing their number of supporters.

Do you believe this system is gaining ground?

Absolutely. More and more brands are getting involved and really benefiting from the opportunity. Crowdfunding brings financing but it also constitutes a very powerful communication tool that cultivates both familiarity and reputation. It offers an opportunity to become known within an ecosystem that multiplies possible partnerships with other businesses. For example, a small fashion brand's page could catch the attention of a chain like La Redoute which would then include it on their site. The opportunities are numerous and can really enhance a brand's potential.

You're going to participate in the TRAFFIC trade show with training sessions. What are we going to learn about?

We're going to give a detailed explanation of the crowdfunding system so brands will want to join us!


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